Making Headlines for All the Wrong Reasons

In this update: 1. Waves of bad news for Walker 2. Time for a makeover Making Headlines for All the Wrong Reasons

Email date: 8/25/14

In this update:
1. Waves of bad news for Walker
2. Time for a makeover


Waves of bad news for Walker
Governor Scott Walker is making national headlines, but not for reasons he’d like. Over the weekend news reporters digested reams of previously secret documents from the John Doe investigation that were made public by court order, and found new evidence that Walker was personally involved in steering campaign donations to a political group that can take unlimited amounts of money from contributors and does not have to publicly disclose its fundraising. Evidence also was found that the mining company Gogebic Taconite donated $700,000 to the governor’s shadow campaign run by Wisconsin Club for Growth. Mining deregulation legislation tailor made for G-Tac was approved by the legislature and signed into law by the governor.

Walker’s reaction to the news made matters worse for him. He initially claimed he had no knowledge of the mining company’s donation. Soon thereafter he acknowledged he had been fundraising for the Club for Growth and insisted that the activity was legal but emphasized that he is no longer doing it.

Later in the weekend came news that the economic development agency chaired by the governor voted to provide state subsidies to a western Wisconsin furniture manufacturer under an agreement that allows the company to eliminate half of its state workforce and still get the taxpayer-funded assistance, and the company’s top executives donated $20,000 to Walker’s campaign less than a month later.


Time for a makeover
Democracy Campaign director Mike McCabe was on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning talking about his just-released book, Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Makeover of American Politics. If you were not able to tune in, the program is archived on WPR’s website.

Mike’s book can be ordered directly from the publisher or from Amazon.