e-lerts 2014

Before Year's End

If you are among the many who responded so generously to our recent appeal for a year-end gift to the Democracy Campaign, thank you so much! The outpouring of support has been enormously gratifying. We are grateful for each and every gift.

Something for the Stocking

We hope you will take a few minutes to look over our annual report. In it we hope you find a great many reasons to include us in your holiday-season charitable giving plans.

Thanks for Caring This #GivingTuesday

Celebrate #GivingTuesday by making a generous tax-deductible gift to the Democracy Campaign by midnight tonight.

Absolute Power

In this update: 1. A flagrant foul by Boss Vos 2. Majority Republicans itching to throw weight around 3. Support WDC by supporting Community Shares of Wisconsin

So Many Zeroes

In this update: 1. Money madness 2. Transportation amendment's not-so-hidden origins

The Essence of Corruption

In this update: 1. Politicians’ conflicting dependencies corrupt founders’ design 2. Wealthy donors infuse late money into 2014 elections 3. Citizens United referendum on Nov. 4 ballot in 12 communities 4. Film screening and discussion tomorrow evening at UW Law School

A Smorgasbord for a Few Paid for by the Many

In this update: 1. Feeding a few at the expense of the many 2. Enemies of John Doe investigation scheme to secure sympathetic judge 3. Blue jeans in Janesville

60,000 More

In this update: 1. Donor database updated 2. Insurance industry appears to get handsome payoff from political gifts 3. Road building interests buy place on November ballot 4. Reaching out to "politically homeless"

No ID Needed to Vote on 11/4

In this update: 1. Top court blocks implementation of Wisconsin’s voter ID law 2. This weekend in the Milwaukee and Green Bay areas...