Barrett Contributions Over $1,000

Barrett Contributions Over $1,000

March 20, 2012 through April 23, 2012

Posted: May 1, 2012
Updated: May 31, 2013

Individual contributions of more than $1,000 to Tom Barrett's gubernatorial campaign between March 20, 2012* and April 23, 2012 as reported by his campaign committee to the Government Accountability Board.

Disclaimer: Occupations and employers are presented as reported in the candidate's initial report prior to review by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and may, therefore, differ from what appears in WDC's searchable database. The searchable database may also differ from this list due to subsequent amendments to the initial report by the candidate's committee or due to changes to the database made by WDC to account for reported returns of contributions. For up-to-date information see our searchable database.

For more campaign finance details see our Recall 2012 feature.

*As a candidate for mayor in Milwaukee this spring, contributions received earlier in the year are credited to that campaign.

Date Contributor City Occupation Employer Name Amount
4/13/2012 Adelman, Elizabeth L Mukwonago, WI Attorney Attorney $3,000.00
4/23/2012 Ambuel, Bruce Brookfield, WI Professor Medical College of Wisconsin $2,500.00
4/23/2012 Ambuel, Helen Brookfield, WI Unemployed Unemployed $2,500.00
4/4/2012 Aprahamian, Mary J Brookfield, WI Director, Compensation Services MRA $2,500.00
4/23/2012 Arntsen, Allen Madison, WI Attorney Foley & Lardner LLP $2,500.00
4/20/2012 Bader, Daniel J Shorewood, WI Executive Director Helen Bader Foundation $10,000.00
4/4/2012 Baumgardner, Dean Fitchburg, WI Retired Retired $2,000.00
4/18/2012 Blumenthal, Warren Milwaukee, WI Attorney Quarles & Brady $2,500.00
4/21/2012 Brogan, John C Green Bay, WI Banker Brogan Bankshares $5,000.00
4/6/2012 Burke, Mary P Madison, WI Retired Retired $9,500.00
4/23/2012 Burns, Timothy W. Middleton, WI Attorney Perkins Coie LLP $5,000.00
4/17/2012 Butlein, Jayne Milwaukee, WI Retired Retired $2,800.00
4/19/2012 Butler, Eliot G Madison, WI Brewer Great Dane Pub $2,500.00
4/23/2012 Capp, Tom Oregon, WI Real Estate Development Gorman & Company $1,500.00
4/20/2012 Chang, Tina Milwaukee, WI Ceo SysLogic, Inc. $1,500.00
4/5/2012 Chernof, Stephen L. Milwaukee, WI Attorney Godfrey & Kahn $2,500.00
4/23/2012 Coburn, James A Whitewater, WI President The Coburn Company $8,500.00
4/23/2012 Coburn, Virginia H Whitewater, WI Marketing Manager The Coburn Company Inc. $8,500.00
4/17/2012 Conroy, Kevin T. Madison, WI Ceo Exact Sciences Corporation $5,000.00
4/5/2012 De Bruin, David L Milwaukee, WI Attorney Michael, Best & Friedrich LLP $9,000.00
4/5/2012 De Bruin, Linda S Chicago, IL Attorney Kirkland & Ellis LLP $10,000.00
4/6/2012 Doyle, Catherine M. Milwaukee, WI Attorney Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee $1,500.00
4/23/2012 Dunphy, Patrick O Milwaukee, WI Attorney Cannon & Dunphy, SC $2,500.00
4/10/2012 Engelke, Susan L Fitchburg, WI Executive Vice President Ultratec Inc. $10,000.00
4/12/2012 Everts, Gregory T. Madison, WI Attorney Quarles & Brady, LLP $2,000.00
4/17/2012 Fallucca, Giacomo Grafton, WI Ceo Palermo Villa Inc $2,500.00
4/17/2012 Fraser, Alexander Shorewood, WI Attorney Michael Best & Friedrich LLP $1,947.30
4/6/2012 Ganzer, Michael J. Brown Deer, WI Attorney Hodan, Doster & Ganzer S.C. $2,000.00
4/5/2012 Gehl, Carol Whitefish Bay, WI Attorney Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. $9,600.00
3/29/2012 Getz, Jalem M New Berlin, WI Entrepreneur Entrepreneur $3,000.00
4/17/2012 Giuffre, Frank P Milwaukee, WI President Mallory Properties $1,600.00
4/23/2012 Green, Jeffrey B Milwaukee, WI President Knight Barry Title $2,500.00
4/6/2012 Gruber, David E Milwaukee, WI Attorney Attorney $10,000.00
4/23/2012 Guis, William B Shorewood, WI Attorney Friebert, Finerty & St. John $1,250.00
4/23/2012 Harvey, Charles A. Milwaukee, WI Administration Johnson Controls $3,000.00
4/23/2012 Herzing, Stacey F Milwaukee, WI Director Of Communications Herzing College $2,500.00
4/5/2012 Jacobs, Stephen T Milwaukee, WI Attorney Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren $1,500.00
4/12/2012 Jansen, James R Madison, WI Attorney Habush Habush & Rottier $2,500.00
4/11/2012 Joseph, Bonnie Fox Point, WI Real Estate Chalet at the River $10,000.00
3/30/2012 Kagen, M.D., Steven L Appleton, WI Physician Physician $3,000.00
4/20/2012 Kagen, M.D., Steven L Appleton, WI Physician Physician $7,000.00
4/20/2012 Kagen, Melissa Appleton, WI Nurse Practitioner Veterans Administration $5,000.00
4/20/2012 Kagen, Stephanie Appleton, WI Lpn Lpn $5,000.00
4/20/2012 Kagen, Thomas Appleton, WI Landscape Architect Landscape Architect $5,000.00
4/18/2012 Kaufman, Jeremy Chicago, IL Real Estate Investor Kaufman Jacobs $10,000.00
4/4/2012 Klein, Robert N Palo Alto, CA President Klein Financial Corp. $5,000.00
4/21/2012 Lawton, Barbara Algoma, WI Retired Retired $2,000.00
4/23/2012 Layden, Donald W Wauwatosa, WI Attorney Quarles & Brady $9,500.00
4/23/2012 Layden, Mary Jo Milwaukee, WI Homemaker Homemaker $10,000.00
4/4/2012 Miller, John C Kohler, WI Chairman Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc. $2,500.00
4/17/2012 Miller, John W. W. Grafton, WI President & Ceo Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc. $10,000.00
4/11/2012 Neujahr, Thomas M Madison, WI Real Estate Developer Urban Land Interests, Inc $2,500.00
4/17/2012 O'Neill, Bruce C Milwaukee, WI Attorney Fox, O'Neill & Shannon $2,500.00
4/19/2012 Price, David R. Wauwatosa, WI Attorney Michael, Best & Friedrich LLP $2,700.00
4/10/2012 Rottier, Daniel Madison, WI Attorney Habush, Habush & Rottier, SC $2,000.00
4/14/2012 Rusinow, Jeffrey B Scottsdale, AZ Venture Capitalist Venture Capitalist $5,000.00
4/4/2012 Schiek, John Incline Village, NV Retired Retired $5,000.00
4/23/2012 Schott, Donald K. Madison, WI Attorney Quarles & Brady $2,000.00
4/12/2012 Schuchardt, Thomas S Madison, WI President KBS Construction $5,000.00
4/23/2012 Schuele, Kevin J Milwaukee, WI Owner PAK Technologies $10,000.00
4/18/2012 Shah, Niranjan S Oak Brook, IL President Globetrotters Engineering Corp $5,000.00
4/18/2012 Shah, Smita N Chicago, IL President Spaan Tech Inc. $5,000.00
4/23/2012 Shaked, Avi Evanston, IL Ceo Onward Technologies $5,000.00
4/14/2012 Singer, Steven M. Henderson, NV Private Investor Private Investor $10,000.00
4/17/2012 Smith, Kathleen M. Milwaukee, WI Cfo/Hr Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee $1,100.00
4/5/2012 Sobczak, Leonard J Milwaukee, WI Owner Eastmore Real Estate $3,000.00
4/22/2012 Sobczak, Leonard J Milwaukee, WI Owner Eastmore Real Estate $2,000.00
4/18/2012 Soni, Jaswant N. Lincolnwood, IL President Jas Diamonds Inc $5,000.00
4/23/2012 Spector, Michael J Milwaukee, WI Self-Employed Self-Employed $5,000.00
4/14/2012 Tease, Ralph J Green Bay, WI Attorney Habush Habush & Rottier $2,000.00
4/23/2012 Thomsen, Grace A. Milwaukee, WI Principal Milwaukee School of Languages $4,000.00
4/23/2012 Thomsen, Mark L. Milwaukee, WI Attorney Cannon & Dunphy, SC $5,000.00
4/21/2012 Vopal, Cynthia L De Pere, WI Attorney Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. $2,000.00
4/16/2012 Weiss, Richard L Shorewood, WI Unemployed Unemployed $3,000.00
4/18/2012 White, Allen J Downers Grove, IL Attorney Attorney $5,000.00
4/12/2012 Widder, Theodore C Madison, WI Attorney Mohs, MacDonald, Widder, & Paradise $1,500.00
4/18/2012 Zeppos, Evan N Brookfield, WI President Zeppos and Associates $3,000.00