Falk Contributions Over $1,000

Falk Contributions Over $1,000

January 1, 2012 through April 23, 2012

Posted: May 1, 2012
Updated: May 31, 2013

Individual contributions of more than $1,000 to Kathleen Falk's gubernatorial campaign between January 1, 2012 and April 23, 2012 as reported by her campaign committee to the Government Accountability Board.

Disclaimer: Occupations and employers are presented as reported in the candidate's initial report prior to review by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and may, therefore, differ from what appears in WDC's searchable database. The searchable database may also differ from this list due to subsequent amendments to the initial report by the candidate's committee or due to changes to the database made by WDC to account for reported returns of contributions. For up-to-date information see our searchable database.

For more campaign finance details see our Recall 2012 feature.

Date Contributor City Occupation/Employer Amount
3/17/2012 Abert, Grant Hillpoint, WI Retired Consultant $5,000.00
4/23/2012 Bock, Peter Madison, WI Retired $5,000.00
3/24/2012 Chvala, Mary Ann Madison, WI Retired $1,400.00
3/17/2012 Graham, William Evansville, WI W. T. Rogers/Agrecol $2,500.00
2/28/2012 Hamilton, Nancy Kalamazoo, MI Retired $2,000.00
4/14/2012 Hogan, Sheryl Arlingon Hgts, IL None listed $4,000.00
3/12/2012 Hoover, Susan Port Townsend, WA Retired $1,500.00
2/26/2012 Hutchison, Connie Mc Farland, WI WEAC Trust $2,500.00
2/10/2012 Katz, Adam Farmingdale, NY Talon Air Inc $10,000.00
1/24/2012 Kelly, Mary Madison, WI Homemaker $2,500.00
1/24/2012 Kelly, Terry Madison, WI Weather Central, Inc. $2,500.00
3/16/2012 Krantz, Judith Los Angeles, CA Author $5,000.00
4/22/2012 Krantz, Judith Los Angeles, CA Author $3,000.00
3/18/2012 Lane, Thomas New York, NY Winston & Strawn LLP $2,400.00
3/24/2012 Lee, Barbara Cambridge, MA Philanthropic Activist $5,000.00
2/4/2012 Oatis, Pamela Dundee, MI St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center $5,000.00
4/19/2012 Olingy, Judith Middleton, WI Retired $1,500.00
4/19/2012 Ross, Scot Madison, WI Friends of Kathleen Falk $1,831.68
3/6/2012 Rumer, Andy San Francisco, CA Retired $5,000.00
3/18/2012 Sobczak, Leonard Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin Gazette $2,000.00
4/21/2012 Steege, Doug Madison, WI Renewaire $2,000.00
2/4/2012 Wells, Topf Madison, WI Retired $1,500.00