e-lerts 2007

What's in the Fine Print of the Ethics Bill

The Democracy Campaign today issued a statement after having had the chance to thoroughly review the proposed ethics reform legislation that was introduced today. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. And, as we note in the statement posted this afternoon on our web site, we’ve identified a few devilish details that need fixing.

Public Hearing on Ethics Bills Next Tuesday

A public hearing will be held next Tuesday, January 16 at 10 a.m. in the State Capitol on the ethics reform bill that is the subject of a special legislative session. For more details on the hearing, go here.

Another Public Hearing on Ethics Thursday

A public hearing was held today in an Assembly committee on the ethics reform bill that is the subject of the special legislative session that has been convened. To read the Democracy Campaign’s testimony, go here.

Poison Pill Removed from Ethics Bill

In this update: 1. Troublesome feature of ethics bill dumped, reform measure back on track 2. Special interests eye high court race

Legislature Passes Ethics Reform

Both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature today overwhelmingly passed the ethics reform bill that was the subject of a special legislative session. To read the statement the Democracy Campaign issued after the Assembly gave final approval to the bill moments ago, go here.

Celebration Tomorrow and Back to Work the Next Day

In this update: 1. Doyle to sign ethics reform bill tomorrow 2. Up next: Campaign finance reform 3. Supreme Court race taking shape

The Cost of Ugly

In this update: 1. The cost of ugly governor’s race: $32 million 2. Bills offered to block "revolving door"

Record Spending in AG Race

In this update: 1. Spending in attorney general race up five fold 2. Governor’s race makes headlines 3. The Elections Board’s rathole strategy

Expert's Experts say Wisconsin Needs Reform

In this update: 1. Brennan Center finds Wisconsin campaign finance laws lacking 2. Lobbying spending goes through the roof 3. Secret electioneering starts in earnest in Supreme Court race

Madison to Consider Clean Election Reform

In this update: 1. Madison to look at voter-owned election proposal 2. New "Hijacking Justice" feature of WDC web site launched 3. What boosts voter turnout and what doesn’t 4. Share a meal for the Democracy Campaign 5. Fixing Frankenstein