Groups Call for All Three Candidates in Gubnernatorial Debates

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Common Cause in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign were pleased to see that We The People/Wisconsin has scheduled two gubernatorial debates. However, the events will fall short of their goal to bring complete and unbiased information to the public if they do not include all three candidates for Governor. Groups Call for All Three Candidates in Gubnernatorial Debates

Posted: August 22, 2006


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The recent WISC-TV poll asked voters: “If the 2006 election for Governor were held today, would you vote for Jim Doyle, the Democrat, or Mark Green, the Republican?” The results of the telephone survey showed the gubernatorial race to be closely contested between Gov. Jim Doyle (48%) and his challenger Rep. Mark Green (38%), with 14% of the respondents listed as “undecided”. Given the limited choices provided in the question, voters had no opportunity to indicate support for the Green Party candidate, Nelson Eisman. With 27% of the survey respondents identifying themselves as neither Democrats nor Republicans, the leanings of the undecided respondents are unclear.

“There are three candidates on the ballot for Governor this year. Let all three debate the issues,” said Mike McCabe, Executive Director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) has invited all three candidates to participate in a forum to be held in Green Bay. So far, only Mr. Eisman has committed to a date for the forum, which will be co-sponsored by AARP of Wisconsin.

“The League has long believed that voters are best served when all candidates are included in a discussion of the issues. Third-party candidates play an important role in steering the debate toward issues that affect our daily lives but might otherwise not be discussed,” said Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director of LWVWI.

The three groups challenge We The People to open the debate to all three gubernatorial candidates. They also urge voters to view candidates’ answers to questions dealing with campaign finance and ethics reform.

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