People's Legislature to Hold 'Public Telling'

In the absence of public hearings to get citizen input on campaign finance reform legislation and other reform measures, the People’s Legislature announced it is holding a “public telling” on Monday, January 23 to give the governor and legislative leaders an opportunity to tell the public where they stand on the issues.

Testimony of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign on Senate Bill 1

The state of state government is corrupt. The way the public’s business has been conducted at the Capitol in recent years is criminal – literally criminal.

Docks Unlimited

Assembly lawmakers who support a legislative proposal that weakens dock rules sought by state environmental experts have received 5.5 times more in campaign contributions from powerful special interests that favor the plan than opponents, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Legislators Ramped Up Cash Grab in '05

Legislators raised a budget-year record $3.39 million in 2005 and had double the money in their campaign accounts heading into this gubernatorial election year as they did eight years ago, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Wisconsin Cash to 527 Groups Topped $600K in ’05

Wisconsin contributions to unregulated national groups that can accept and spend unlimited amounts to influence elections set a record for a non-election year, topping $600,000 in 2005 as contributors ramped up their donations to groups that support Democrats, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Tech Companies at the Trough

Executives from two out-of-state companies contributed nearly $45,000 to Democratic Governor Jim Doyle’s campaign after they were hired to work on technology and real estate projects, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.

Green Repeatedly Voted to Weaken Ethics Rules

epublican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green has supported a string of proposals since 2003 to loosen ethics standards for members of Congress, including rules to protect an indicted former GOP leader who contributed about $31,000 to Green’s congressional campaign, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review of congressional actions on ethics rules shows.

Governors Associations Playing Money Laundering Role in '06 Wisconsin Race

Five wealthy special interests from Wisconsin contributed $260,000 in the first three months of 2006 to two leading Democratic and Republican organizations that collect and spend unlimited amounts of money on negative ads and mailings to influence voters, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.