Wisconsin Democratic Party’s Letter Concerning the Elections Board’s May Decision on Issue Ads

I understand your frustrations and the frustrations of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and I would like to say up front that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is 100 percent committed to campaign finance reform. This was simply the wrong time for the Elections Board to promulgate an emergency rule.


Over half of campaign contributions to candidates seeking state office come from less than 4 percent of Wisconsin’s more than 900 zip codes, a new Wisconsin Democracy Campaign study shows.

Legislative Fundraising Up 55%

Officeholders hell bent on keeping the Legislature a gated community have amassed more than $2.8 million and an 8-1 cash advantage over their challengers to keep their jobs this November, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

'People’s Legislature to Meet January 4

A multi-partisan group of citizens today announced at a Capitol press conference that a "People’s Legislature" will be convened on Tuesday, January 4 in Madison to focus attention on how the people’s business has given way to a money-driven special interest agenda, engage people who feel shut out of the state political process, mobilize support for political reforms and begin building a homegrown grassroots movement to take back state government and restore democracy.

Utility Projects Fire Up Contributions to Doyle

Three utilities contributed $50,660 to Governor Jim Doyle’s campaign shortly before and after the state approved their controversial coal plant and electrical transmission line projects, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

WDC Proposes Reform Agenda

Responding to political corruption, an epidemic of uncontested races for state offices and growing polarization and partisan animosity at the State Capitol with a new call for reform, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign today offered a five-part prescription for what ails democracy in the state.

State Donors Give Record Sums to Federal Campaigns

Wisconsin contributions to federal candidates, parties, political action committees and unregulated groups through mid-October of the 2003-04 election cycle total $19.2 million, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

9 Get ‘Nero Award’ for Blocking Reform

Five partisan appointees on the state Elections Board joined Wisconsin’s governor and three top legislative leaders in receiving "Nero Awards" handed out today by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign for ignoring public demands for reform and failing to provide leadership needed to clean up a Capitol engulfed in political scandal.

Challengers Face Uphill Fight: Candidates Listed Alphabetically

Table listing 2004 legislative candidates alphabetically along with cash balance.

Challengers Face Uphill Fight

Legislative officeholders had nearly $3.1 million in campaign funds and a $9-$1 advantage over their challengers two months before the November general election, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Fat Cats Dominate List of State Donors to 527s: Table

2003-04 Contributors to 527 Groups and Their Contributions to State Campaigns

Fat Cats Dominate List of State Donors to 527s

Most of the Wisconsin contributions to national groups that can accept and spend unlimited amounts of cash to influence the November elections come from wealthy contributors who also give generously to state candidates, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Public Let Down Again

The state Elections Board today rejected by one vote a proposed truth-in-campaigning rule, once again refusing to close a gaping loophole in Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws allowing special interest campaign ads to escape disclosure requirements and campaign contribution limits.

State Contributions to ‘Shadow Parties’ Top $1 Million

A Milwaukee brewing heir and a state labor union contributed a quarter of a million dollars between April and June to groups that accept and spend unlimited and unregulated donations to influence federal elections, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Taxpayers Fleeced as Big Campaign Donors Get Sweetheart Privatization Deal

Top executives of the company the state is paying nearly $80 an hour to maintain a road sign inventory after eliminating the job of a state employee who did the work for a fraction of that amount have made over $140,000 in campaign donations to Wisconsin politicians in the past decade but kicked their giving into high gear three years ago, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.

2.2 Million Voters Face No-Choice Election

Nearly 2.2 million Wisconsin voters will have no choice in who represents them in the state Assembly or Senate because only one candidate so far is seeking a place on the November ballot in 44 of 115 legislative races, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said today. (Uncontested races listed below.)

Fattest of State’s Fat Cats Open Checkbooks to ‘Shadow Parties’

An elite corps of 142 wealthy individuals, businesses, unions and political committees from Wisconsin have contributed more than $565,000 to groups that accept and spend unlimited and unregulated contributions to influence federal elections, according to a report compiled by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Wait ’Til September

The state Elections Board today delayed action on a rule proposed by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign requiring full disclosure of phony issue ads sponsored by special interest groups and banning the unlimited and anonymous "soft money" donations that pay for them.

Contributions from Groups with a Stake in TABOR

Supporters and oppponents of the so-called “Taxpayer Bill of Rights ” (TABOR) 1993 - 2003

In-District and Out-Of-District Contributions to Legislators in 2003: Alphabetical Listing

In-District and Out-Of-District Contributions to Legislators in 2003 listed alphaetically
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