e-lerts 2011

Ring in the New Year

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we have received in the last few weeks. To all who responded so generously to our recent appeals for a year-end gift in the support of the Democracy Campaign’s work, thank you. We deeply appreciate your vote of confidence.

2nd Ethics Complaint Filed Against Gableman

In this update: 1. WDC files second ethics complaint against Supreme Court justice 2. Tales of legal crimes

WDC Seeks Ethics Probe

In this update: 1. WDC files formal request for ethics investigation of Supreme Court justice 2. Why true conservatives should be clamoring for campaign finance reform

Give the Gift of Transparency

A big thanks to all of you who responded to our recent appeal for a year-end gift in support of the Democracy Campaign's work.

Far-Flung Friends

In this update: 1. Governor raises record sums to fend off recall, half from out of state 2. First arrest made in Walker probe 3. Assembly leader proposes bringing back partisan election board 4. Putting the “bill” in Bill of Rights

Court Blesses Wink-And-Nod Corruption

In this update: 1. Federal court knocks out state limit on special interest cash 2. ACLU challenges voter ID law 3. Eyes and ears needed

Selective Enforcement

In this update: 1. State not enforcing key campaign finance disclosure law 2. Donor database updated with tens of thousands of new records 3. One bad policy and one bad proposal limiting citizen rights

Tell 'em to Stop Stonewalling

In this update: 1. Take Action: Urge GAB to obey open records law 2. Talking money and recall elections 3. Tiny elite delivers a hefty sum

Saying Please and Giving Thanks

In this update: 1. Please can we have some records? 2. One money-in-politics law being enforced . . . sort of 3. WDC keeps shining light on unlimited recall fundraising 4. How small money can beat big money