WDC statement on GAB's new rules for issue ads

In approving new rules requiring special interest groups to fully disclose their electioneering activities and abide by existing state campaign contribution limits, the state Government Accountability Board today struck an important blow for the public’s right to know and helped put the “r” back in free speech.

Incumbents Hunkering Down In Beds Of Cash: Alphabetical

Table listing all candidates in 2008 November alphabetically with their cash balances as of August 25, 2008.

Bar Set Lower For Bench

Attorneys who violate rules governing their professional behavior and ethics – or who even fail to pay their annual State Bar dues on time – get stiffer punishment than the penalties being recommended for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler who had economic conflicts of interest in dozens of cases she handled as a circuit court judge, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review.

Taking Democracy’s Temperature in the Heartland

As state lawmakers decide what to make of a special session on campaign finance reform, a new book released today shows how Wisconsin’s political system has grown dysfunctional and how it stacks up against four other states in the Great Lakes region

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Testimony on Clean Elections Bill

Thank you for holding this public hearing. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign strongly supports Senate Bill 182, which would create a system of full public financing of all state races modeled after the highly successful systems already in place in Arizona and Maine.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Testimony on Special Session Legislation

Testimony of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign on December 2007 Special Session Senate Bill 1, Senate Bill 12, Senate Bill 25 and Senate Bill 463

Partisan Special Interests Are Big Backers Again In High Court Race

Nearly all of the largest individual contributions going to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler and his challenger, Michael Gableman are coming from staunch supporters of Republican and Democratic candidates in past partisan races for other statewide offices and the legislature, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Midwest Democracy Network Calls on Presidential Candidates to Clarify Positions on Public Financing

This past week, several media reports referenced a Midwest Democracy Network (MDN) federal political reform questionnaire that was issued in September 2007.

527 Groups Get Record $1 Million From Wisconsin

Wisconsin contributors gave a non-election year record $1 million in 2007 to unregulated groups that collect and spend unlimited amounts on negative advertising, mailings and other outside electioneering activities, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Reform Network Releases Presidential Candidates' Final Responses to Political Reform Survey

Since mid-February, the country has witnessed a heated debate about which presidential candidates are or are not committed to forgoing private financing of their general election campaigns this fall in favor of participating in the presidential public financing system.
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