Outside Money Drowns Outs Voters' Voices In Legislative Races

Wisconsin legislators elected last November collectively accepted 70 percent of their large individual contributions in the 2006 election cycle from special interest contributors who could not vote for them, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Legislative Candidates Amass Record War Chests: Candidates by Total Raised

Table listing all 2006 legislative candidates by total raised up to the fall primary.

Citizens Demonstrate for Judicial Ethics

ore than 40 citizens picketed in front of the Supreme Court chambers today for fair and impartial courts – and judges who are accountable to the law, not beholden to special interests.

Bipartisan Agreement Reached on Ethics Reform

At a Capitol press conference this morning, Governor Jim Doyle and top legislative leaders from both parties and both houses of the Legislature announced an agreement in principle on ethics enforcement reform legislation that will be acted upon in a special session of the Legislature in early January.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Statement on Proposed Ethics Reform Legislation

We applaud the effort that has been made by the governor and legislative leaders to negotiate a bipartisan agreement on much-needed ethics enforcement reform legislation.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Testimony on January 2007 Special Session Assembly Bill 1

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Testimony on January 2007 at Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Ethics.

The Cost Of An Ugly Governor’s Race: $32 Million

Candidates and special interests spent $32.3 million on the 2006 governor’s race where surges of vicious and deceptive advertising again hijacked a meaningful discussion of the issues that concern voters, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Attorney General Race Cost $8.3 Million

Candidates and outside special interests spent $8.32 million in the 2006 attorney general race – five times more than the $1.65 million spent during the last race in 2002, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Report from NYU’s Brennan Center Finds Wisconsin’s Campaign Finance Laws Lacking, Urges Reforms

Today, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law released a new report finding that Wisconsin’s campaign finance system is broken and badly in need of reform.

Special Interests Spent $19 Million On Electioneering

Special interest groups spent $19 million on mostly negative broadcast advertising, mailings and other electioneering activities in the 2006 races for statewide office and the legislature – three times more than what they spent in 2002 and 11 times more than in the 1998 elections, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.
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