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Our New Year's Resolution

If you are among the many who responded so generously to our recent appeals for a year-end gift to the Democracy Campaign, thank you. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, and are most grateful for each and every gift.

There's Still Time

Before the celebrating begins and we welcome 2014, there is still time to make a charitable gift to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and get a tax deduction for this year. Donations to the Democracy Campaign are fully tax deductible and if they are made before midnight on New Year’s Eve, they can help reduce your tax bill for this year.

A Gift to the Wealthiest of the Wealthy

In this update: 1. Who wins under bipartisan deal on political donation limits 2. Journalistic ethics going out the window on John Doe coverage 3. Become a sustainer

Speaking Out Against More Money in Politics

Speaking Out Against More Money in Politics

Email date: 12/18/13

In this update:
1. WDC testifies against “More Money in Politics” bill
2. We’d be honored...


WDC testifies against “More Money in Politics” bill
The Democracy Campaign’s director testified today against proposed legislation that would double Wisconsin’s current limits on political donations. That testimony also has been turned into a blog post.

The Senate hearing on Assembly Bill 225 opened with joint testimony from two Racine-area legislators – Democrat Cory Mason and Republican Speaker Robin Vos – singing the praises of the bill that was passed by the Assembly on a bipartisan vote in June. No wonder. The bill would double the yield from this kind of thing.

If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes as soon as you can to contact your senator to share your thoughts about AB 225.


We’d be honored...
...to be included in your year-end charitable giving plans. You count on us to follow the money, expose political wrongdoing, speak out against empower-the-powerful schemes like AB 225, and show the way to a better, healthier democracy. We can only do these things with your help.

Money Changers in the Temple

In this update: 1. Senate panel to hold hearing Wednesday on ‘More Money in Politics’ bill 2. Wisconsin gets ‘F’ for judicial financial disclosure 3. ICYMI

Unraveling a Tangled Web

In this update: 1. Reported targets of John Doe probe were biggest recall election spenders 2. ALEC asked member lawmakers to sign loyalty pledge 3. Calls for redistricting reform continue to fall on deaf ears at Capitol 4. Agribusiness flexes its political muscle

Today's the Day to Give

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Hold a Hearing Already!

In this update: 1. Citizens clamoring for a public hearing on redistricting reform 2. Elaborate shell game at center of criminal investigation