e-lerts 2012

Can You Hear Over the Static?

In this update: 1. Can Wisconsin voices be heard over the outside static? 2. Milwaukee chamber of commerce breaks law in its zeal to help Walker 3. ALEC comes out of shadows into the light 4. Politicking in the name of charity

Recall This and Recall That

In this update: 1. Recalls take center stage again 2. Presidential candidate to headline WDC’s annual member meeting

Investing in Goofy Ideas

At a public hearing earlier this year, a state senator called me a "goof" for doing what I do nearly every day.

Cloak Comes Off Pro-Falk Effort

In this update: 1. Truth comes out about who’s funding "Wisconsin for Falk" 2. Federal court rules two Assembly districts violate Voting Rights Act 3. Poll shows most voters want Super PACs outlawed 4. Newspaper sides with WDC on need for IRS probe of politicking by "charities"

Good Day in Court for Political Ad Disclosure

In this update: 1. Supreme Court dismisses legal challenge to political ad disclosure rules 2. Judicial Commission files ethics charges against Prosser 3. Wisconsin gets shaky scores on "corruption risk" report card 4. Odds and ends

Sunshine, Showers, Hungry Badgers and Smoking Guns

In this update: 1. No repeat performances, please 2. It ain’t over 'til it's over 3. A chance for the IRS to be the average taxpayer’s friend 4. How it is and how it should be

Gaming the Tax Code

In this update 1. WDC asks IRS to investigate electioneering by “charitable” groups 2. Judge declares voter ID law unconstitutional 3. Walker establishes legal defense fund 4. Let the sun shine in

Is Anything Not Partisan Nowadays?

n this update: 1. Partisan rift over Voter ID law intensifies 2. On again, off again bill limiting school privatization appears on again 3. One thing lawmakers should definitely do before adjourning session 4. Political ads not as powerful as usual 5. WDC honored for its advocacy of government openness

Official Nonsense

In this update: 1. Politics as usual produces curious treatments for chronic ailments 2. Follow the money features updated on wisdc.org

The Check Republic

In this update: 1. Recalls drive record legislative fundraising in 2011 2. Disgusting redistricting process takes an unexpected turn 3. Banks in foreclosure settlement make nice with state politicians