e-lerts 2012

Outside Interference

In this update: 1. Smear groups aiming to influence recalls rely on out-of-state money 2. Flattering Grover Norquist 3. Secrecy here, secrecy there 4. A better way

Hiding Democracy's Dismantling

In this update: 1. Second anti-disclosure bill gets hearing, will get another on Thursday 2. Lawmakers ordered to remain mum and ignore public input on redistricting

Another Attack on Campaign Disclosure

In this update: 1. Hearing to be held Monday on second anti-disclosure bill 2. Can we imagine a new kind of politics? 3. Citizens United’s offspring

Politicking Like It's 2001

In this update: 1. Latest revelations in Walker probe have familiar ring 2. Calling all 99ers

More Disclosure, Not Less

In this update: 1. WDC memo to senators: Reject anti-disclosure bill 2. Recall money in the news 3. Walker probe heating up 4. People’s Legislature reconvening

National Money Flows to Walker

In this update: 1. One percenters across America come to Walker’s defense 2. Stop anti-disclosure bill

Tell 'Em to OPPOSE SB 292

In this update: 1. Tell your senator to oppose anti-disclosure bill 2. Donor database & Recall 2012 feature updated

Committee OKs Anti-Disclosure Bill

In this update: 1. Senate committee blesses anti-disclosure legislation 2. WDC goes to court in support of voter ID challenge 3. Gableman gets in deeper 4. Recall mania

The Man Behind the Mine

In this update: 1. Strip mining democracy 2. WDC testifies against anti-disclosure legislation

Anti-Disclosure Bill to Get Hearing Thursday

In this update: 1. Bill eliminating disclosure of campaign donor’s employer to get hearing 2. Another ethics complaint filed against Gableman