e-lerts 2012

Small Change for Big Change

In this update: 1. New reform thinking aims to boost power of small donors 2. Senators reach across party lines to call for fair redistricting 3. The enemy within

A Stacked Deck

In this update: 1. Current legislators have biggest cash advantage in 10 years 2. Campaign 2012 feature on wisdc.org updated

What Would You Do With $81 million?

In this update: 1. Better uses for $81 million 2. No rest for the weary

Record-Breaking Recall Election Spending

In this update: 1. Over $137 million spent on recall elections; $81 million in governor’s race 2. Shortcomings in disclosure laws glaringly apparent in recalls 3. Big lie behind voter ID laws exposed

Chapter 11 for Politicians

In this update: 1. WDC brings to light Walker legal defense fund payments to out-of-state PR firm 2. Updates made to donor databases and Recall 2012 feature on wisdc.org 3. One thing most everyone agrees on . . . 4. . . . Except the politicians

Let the Public Be Heard

In this update: 1. Groups call for public hearings on reform 2. Three things that don’t mix

Vending Machine Politics

In this update: 1. Final recall election finance reports show massive Walker edge 2. Democracy disconnnected 3. The harm money in politics does

Facts Take Back Seat to Ideology

In this update: 1. Supreme Court ignores factual record, stands by Citizens United ruling 2. Seeing both major parties with honest eyes

Public's Right To Know Wins Out

In this update: 1. House committee drops amendment blocking online political ad disclosure 2. Thoughts on invisible threads and the failed welfare state 3. State races taking shape for fall elections

Recall Aftermath

In this update: 1. Excuses abound in wake of Walker win 2. Need for campaign reform never more clear