e-lerts 2012

New Year’s Resolution

If you are among the many who responded so generously to our recent appeals for a year-end gift in support of the Democracy Campaign’s work, thank you. We deeply appreciate your vote of confidence.

Holiday Cheer

Thank you to all who responded to our recent appeal for a year-end gift in support of the Democracy Campaign’s work. We are most grateful for the support. If you haven’t yet responded, please consider making a special year-end contribution. All gifts to the Democracy Campaign are fully tax-deductible.

Just What the Court Ordered

In this update: 1. The Citizens United effect 2. Legislating under the influence 3. Claim of pro-Democrat bias on GAB rings hollow

The Money Or the Many . . . That’s the Choice

With the dawning of the age of unlimited election spending and Super PACs and dark money, not to mention the ever-expanding war on voting, the risk of democracy being stolen has never been greater in living memory.

Where All That Recall Money Went

In this update: 1. Two-thirds of recall money spent outside Wisconsin 2. Big donor gets big contract 3. War on voting could get expensive 4. 5th Walker associate sentenced; 6th awaits trial 5. The GOP gerrymandate

Undesirable #1

In this update: 1. Attacks on voting to escalate in 2013 2. Over $300 million spent in Wisconsin on campaigning for 2012 elections 3. Unlearned lessons lead Walker aides to jail in John Doe probe ________________________________________________________


In this update: 1. Thank goodness that’s over 2. Public wants campaign finance overhaul 3. Power of redistricting evident in election results 4. Giving thanks

Millions Left Without Power

In this update: 1. Post-election blues . . . and reds 2. Anti-Citizens United votes win in Eau Claire and across the country 3. Redistricting yields GOP consolation prizes

Enough to Make Kids Cry

In this update: 1. Records falling right and left in election bloodbath 2. Campaign 2012 feature on wisdc.org updated for 174 state candidates

Haunted Houses

In this update: 1. When the smoke clears after next Tuesday 2. Citizens actually are united about something