e-lerts 2012

As the Money Flows, the Stomach Turns

In this update: 1. Wisconsin’s battleground status makes state magnet for political money 2. On the road again . . . and again

Voters of Every Kind Get It

In this update: 1. New polling shows most voters have had their fill of money in politics 2. End Legal Bribery campaign reaching broader audience 3. WDC files brief supporting legal challenge to voter ID law

Junk Food

In this update: 1. Do TV stations owe their viewers anything? 2. Freedom we have and democracy we don't 3. Donor database updated

How Small Can Beat Big

In this update: 1. The way to fight big money 2. Campaign cash links exposed, administration does about-face on building safety 3. The war against democracy will not be televised

More Money, Less Visible

In this update: 1. The Citizens United effect 2. One way the "good old days" were actually better 3. Global commission judges U.S. a “failing” democracy

Dark Money Rising

In this update: 1. Recall groups got $49 million from secret sources 2. Help us put the spotlight on legal bribery: Sign, share and gather

A Petition To Call It What It Is

In this update: 1. End Legal Bribery campaign takes to the streets with petition drive 2. What big donors want 3. Wearing what no longer fits

Saying Out Loud What Everyone Is Thinking

In this update: 1. Groups launch campaign to end legal bribery 2. You call these elections?

The Root of All Evil

In this update: 1. The only issue 2. “A solution in search of a problem” 3. Déjà vu all over again