e-lerts 2012

Calling for a Cure

In this update: 1. WDC, 17 other groups call for action on election spending reform 2. Recall 2012 feature on wisdc.org updated with latest reported activity 3. New developments in Walker probe

Recall Election Spending Tops $60 Million

In this update: 1. Spending in governor’s race tops $60 million 2. Legal bribery 3. Trojan badgers

Cutting Through The Recall Money Fog

In this update: 1. Media reports paint vastly different pictures of recall money race 2. Wealthy donors belly up to the buffet

Pigs At The Trough

In this update: 1. Special interests pig out on taxpayers' tab 2. WisconsinWatch analysis: Big donors get special access to governor 3. Pushing back against Citizens United 4. Thoughts about the recall

Shut the Door on "Super-Duper PACs" E-Lert

Supreme Court rulings gave birth to new special interest campaign committees at the federal level that have exploded on the scene in the 2012 presidential campaign. These groups known as "Super PACs" already have spent close to $100 million influencing the presidential race, and half of the money raised by the five major presidential Super PACs came from just 20 donors.


In this update: 1. Republicans hold 4-1 edge in TV ad spending 2. Politics rears its head in lax DNR enforcement 3. Fundraising appeal aims straight for the bladder

Following the Recall Money

In this update: 1. Record sums already spent in recall election for governor 2. Roemer pulls no punches at WDC annual meeting

Staggering Recall Fundraising

In this update: 1. Walker reports astronomical fundraising figures: 2. What’s wrong with the Democrats . . . and the Republicans

Broken Link

It has come to our attention that a link to an article referenced in item #4 of yesterday’s E-Lert did not work for many if not all recipients.

Unions Cut Losses, Kochs Double Down

In this update: 1. Labor group rethinking recall election strategy 2. Koch brothers up the ante 3. ALEC draws IRS complaint 4. What history teaches us