"Buy-Partisan Politics"

Hundreds of contributors representing powerful special interests shell out generous contributions to both Democratic and Republican candidates to gain influence regardless of who wins the governor’s office and which party controls the Legislature, a report by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign shows.

Wisconsin Gets a Lackluster Grade for Campaign Finance Disclosure

A new national study gives Wisconsin a C- for campaign finance disclosure.

WDC Renews Media Campaign for Reform

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign today announced it is running a new series of newspaper and radio ads throughout the state to remind the public that an overwhelming vote of support for campaign finance reform in a 2000 referendum has been ignored by state lawmakers who continue to stonewall reform legislation three years after the vote.

4 Get 'Nero Award' for Blocking Reform

Wisconsin’s governor and three top legislative leaders were given “Nero Awards” today by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign for ignoring public demands for reform and failing to provide leadership needed to clean up a Capitol engulfed in political scandal.

A 3-Lie Budget

Promises that the state budget would be balanced, taxes would not be increased and the pain of solving the fiscal crisis would be universally shared were all broken because the Legislature and governor refused to require their wealthy donors to sacrifice in order to close the state’s $3.2 billion deficit, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Special Interests Lubricated Political Machinery as State Budget Took Shape

Special interests scrambled to get what they could from the state budget by contributing $1.28 million to legislators’ campaigns and leadership committees in the first half of 2003 after doling out a record amount of contributions in election year 2002, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Do-Nothing Board Becomes Do-Little Board for a Day

The state Elections Board today fined 19 wealthy donors and an ex-governor for making or accepting illegal campaign contributions in response to complaints filed by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Donors, Ex-Governor Face Nearly $317,000 in Fines

Wealthy donors and a former governor accused of violating state campaign finance laws that limit to $10,000 the total amount of campaign contributions an individual can give in a year or a gubernatorial candidate can accept face fines totaling nearly $317,000 when the state Elections Board meets Wednesday.

TV Industry Profiteering on Democracy

Local television stations around the country jacked up the prices of candidate ads by an average of 53% in the two months before the 2002 election, exploiting a campaign-driven spike in demand, according to a study released today by the national Alliance for Better Campaigns.

Feds Investigating Wisconsin Money Laundering

The FBI is investigating allegations of campaign money laundering in Maryland and Wisconsin by a Washington, D.C.-based Democratic Party committee, the Washington Post is reporting today.
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