Assembly Sends WMC, Koch-backed Anti-Regulation Bill to Governor

A bill that allows the GOP-controlled legislature to delay, change or permanently block state rules to protect the environment, consumer rights, and public health and safety, among other things, was given final approval by the Assembly and sent to Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

GOP Lawmakers Offer ALEC Bill to Protect Special Interests from Regulations

Two GOP lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that would stymie state agencies from imposing environmental, consumer protection, public health and safety, and other standards and regulations at the expense of their special interest contributors.

GOP Pushing No-License Bakery Bill

A GOP legislative leader is pushing a bill that would eliminate state licensing requirements for all bakeries in Wisconsin.

'Riot' Bill Is Unconstitutional

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

May 18, 2017

Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature have drafted another unconstitutional bill that limits free speech.

WDC Opposes Assembly Bill 299 Restricting Free-Speech in the University of Wisconsin System

Statement to the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities In opposition to Assembly Bill 299 Relating to free expression within the University of Wisconsin System By Matt Rothschild, Executive Director, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

WMC, Construction Interests Back Expanded Tax Break

Business and construction interests are backing a GOP plan that would expand a sales tax exemption on materials used in construction projects.

Koch-Backed Electioneering Group Pushing Hard for Property Tax Cut

A rightwing electioneering group that has spent more than $5.7 million since 2010 to help elect Republican legislative and statewide candidates is pushing hard for a property tax cut in the proposed 2017-19 state budget.

Mega Farms Slather Legislators, Fundraising Committees with Cash

Several large farms with an interest in the issue of high-capacity wells have been throwing tens of thousands of dollars over to Republican legislative campaign committees.

Catering to Special Interests Contributes to State's Road Deterioration

Higher weight limits sought by special interests are allowing heavier trucks on Wisconsin roads. But a recent Wisconsin Public Radio report revealed heavy truck traffic is the No. 1 cause of road damage and deterioration, and that the heavier trucks have come with fewer inspections to protect state roads and other drivers.

Bill to Loosen Child Labor Laws Sent to Walker

The GOP-controlled legislature has given final approval and sent to Republican Gov. Scott Walker a bill that would loosen child labor laws.

Approved Sand Plant Will Destroy Rare Wetlands

A Georgia-based investment company’s proposed sand mining and processing plant, which would destroy about 16 acres of pristine wetlands, was approved by the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Walker Celebrates With Donors Who Gave Him $100K+

Republican Gov. Scott Walker recently celebrated expansion plans with a couple of companies whose employees contributed more than $100,000 to his campaign.

Koch Support to Wisconsin Higher Ed Tops $1 Million

A recent $425,000 grant to the University of Wisconsin-Stout by the Charles Koch Foundation is the largest single, annual gift ever given to a Wisconsin college or university by the rightwing grantor, but not the first. The tally to all Wisconsin colleges and universities tops $1 million.

Koch and Other Big Business Groups Back Bill to Bury Regs

GOP lawmakers are circulating a proposal that would allow state rules governing public health, consumer protection, and the environment, among other things, to expire after seven years.

Dunn County Joins Call for Fair Maps

On April 19, by a unanimous vote, the Dunn County Board up in Menomonie endorsed the growing movement in Wisconsin that is demanding a fair, nonpartisan way to draw political district maps.

Lincoln County Backs Nonpartisan Map Drawing

On March 21, the Lincoln County Board, based in Merrill, Wis., voted by 18-4 in favor of a resolution demanding the nonpartisan drawing of fair legislative maps.

GOP-Controlled Legislature Approves Fish Farm Breaks

The GOP-controlled legislature gave final approval to a bill that would loosen state fish farm regulations. The measure now goes to Republican Gov. Scott Walker to sign into law.

Ag Interests Support Bills to Legalize Hemp in Wisconsin

Agriculture interests are backing bipartisan bills that would legalize growing hemp, which contains small amounts of the active ingredient in marijuana, in Wisconsin.

WDC Supports Assembly Bill 137 Requiring Notice of Certain Campaign Finance Contributions to a Judge or Justice

Testimony by Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Executive Director Matthew Rothschild before the Assembly Committee on the Judiciary.

Koch Group and Milwaukee Business Group Back Tax Cuts for Wealthy

A GOP Assembly income tax cut and road-funding proposal would eventually cut taxes for Wisconsin’s wealthiest residents by $1 billion.

Update: GOP-Led Senate Approves Special Interest Protection Bill

A bill to hamstring state agencies that want to implement rules and standards deemed too costly for businesses was approved Tuesday by the GOP-controlled Senate. The proposal, which now goes to the Republican-dominated Assembly for consideration, would affect policies and procedures involving public health and safety, the environment, and consumer protection, among other things.

50 Million Reasons Wisconsin GOP Backs High-Capacity Wells

A bill to loosen rules on controversial high-capacity wells was given final approval by the Republican-controlled legislature and sent to GOP Gov. Scott Walker, who says he will sign it into law.

WMC Opposes Bill to Help You Get Rid of Lead Pipes

The state's largest business group says it opposes bipartisan bills that would help Wisconsin residents get rid of lead water pipes, which can contaminate people’s drinking water.

Committees Handling High-Cap Well Bill Got $220K+ from Ag Interests

Members of two legislative committees scheduled to hear testimony Wednesday on proposals to loosen regulations involving controversial high-capacity wells have received about $223,000 in contributions from the agriculture industry, which backs the bills.

GOP Bill Goes After Local Control on Wheel Taxes

In another swipe at local control, a GOP legislative plan would require counties and municipalities to pass referendums if they want wheel taxes to help fix their roads. A wheel tax is another term for a vehicle registration fee.