Gableman, Club for Growth Leader to Speak at GOP Fundraiser

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who penned the court opinion that ended the controversial John Doe probe of Scott Walker’s campaign activities, is one of the featured speakers at a Republican Party fundraiser – along with the head of a shadowy rightwing group that the John Doe prosecutor was reportedly looking into. That group, Wisconsin Club for Growth, spent more than half a million dollars to get Gableman elected in 2008.

State Senators Raise Their Expense Reimbursement by 31 Percent

The GOP-controlled state Senate has approved a 31 percent hike in their per diems, allowing them to claim up to $115 a day for expenses when they are in Madison.

Construction Industry Opposes Fire Safety Proposal

The construction industry opposes requiring new homes to be built with more devices to prevent electrical fires and shocks. But state firefighters have told Gov. Scott Walker’s administration that the proposed state requirement would save lives and prevent serious injuries.

How Anti-Abortion Groups Fund the GOP in Wisconsin

GOP lawmakers are circulating a bill that would prohibit the state from offering insurance coverage to state workers for abortion in most cases. Anti-abortion groups in Wisconsin exercise influence more by outside election spending than by direct contributions to candidates.

State Tavern Group Supports Tougher Penalties for Repeat Drunk Drivers

The Tavern League of Wisconsin is supporting a package of GOP legislative proposals that would toughen penalties for repeat drunk drivers, but keep Wisconsin as the only state in the country where first-offense drunken driving is not a criminal offense.

GOP Lawmaker Brings Back Bill to Penalize Sanctuary Cities

A suburban Milwaukee GOP lawmaker is resurrecting a bill that would fine so-called sanctuary cities up to $5,000 a day.

GOP's Redistricting Law Firms Contributed $76K+ to Candidates

Attorneys with two law firms hired Thursday by GOP legislative leaders to represent them in a landmark redistricting case have contributed about $76,500 to Wisconsin candidates.

State Senate Looking at 31 Percent Hike in Expense Allowance

The Republican-held state Senate is looking at a 31 percent hike in the daily expense allowance (called per diems) they can claim when working in Madison.

Wisconsin Legislators Denounce Islamophobia

On Jan. 31, Sen. Chris Larson and Rep. Jonathan Brostoff presented a joint resolution urging the legislature to stand up against the scapegoating that President Trump has been engaging in. The resolution doesn’t mention Trump by name, but its intent is clear.

Will Tourism Interests Block Bill on Early School Starts?

GOP legislators are circulating a bill that would once again allow local school boards to decide the start date of the public school year.

Walker Got $42K+ From First-Time Donors Who Have State Contract

Republican Gov. Scott Walker accepted $42,500 last October from five first-time donors who are owners and executives of a Michigan company that won a contract in 2016 with the state of Wisconsin worth $6.2 million a year.

Big Business, Koch Groups Back Anti-Labor Bill

Powerful business and construction groups are backing a Republican bill that would prevent state and local governments from requiring bidders on public projects to reach agreements with labor unions on wages and other issues.

Walker Wins Praise from WMC, Koch Group for Food Stamp Rules

Two of the largest business powerhouses in Wisconsin heaped praise on Gov. Scott Walker for his latest proposal to make it harder for people to get food stamps. The two groups — Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) and Americans for Prosperity, which was founded by the Koch Brothers — have secretly raised and spent an estimated $24.3 million mostly to help elect Walker and the GOP-controlled legislature over the last seven years.

See Who Funds Justice Ziegler

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler, who faces no opponent in the upcoming spring elections for her second, 10-year term on the high court, raised more than $373,000 in 2016.

Dozens of Retired Judges Ask Wisconsin Supreme Court for New Campaign Donor Recusal Rules

More than four dozen retired judges from around Wisconsin have asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider new rules that would require judges and justices to recuse themselves in cases involving parties or lawyers who spent money to help elect them.

Big Money Groups Back Pay Raise for Judges

Special interest groups led by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC), which itself spent an estimated $5.6 million since 2007 to help elect conservative justices to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, say judges need a pay raise.

GOP Lawmaker Wants to Repeal State's Mining Moratorium

Republican Sen. Tom Tiffany says the state's 19-year-old mining moratorium is outdated and wants to repeal it so companies have an easier time opening copper, lead and zinc mines in Wisconsin.

Meteor Timber's Power Game in Wisconsin

An out-of-state investment company wants to build a sand mining and processing plant in Jackson and Monroe counties that would eliminate about 17 acres of pristine forested wetland, according to plans being reviewed by state and federal regulators.