New Appointee to Elections Commission was Subject of Ethics Complaint

A former Republican Assembly representative whom the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign accused of violating state campaign finance law was named Monday to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Guv, VP to Call on Large Walker Donor

Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Vice President Mike Pence plan to be in Waukesha today to visit a large Walker donor and promote overhauling the nation's tax code.

GOP Bill Would Open Up Thousands of Wetland Acres to Development

A GOP legislative proposal would allow thousands of acres of Wisconsin wetlands to be developed without state scrutiny.

Walker Accepted $63K+ from For-Profit Colleges Before Dumping State Watchdog

Republican Gov. Scott Walker accepted about $63,300 in campaign contributions since January 2010 from for-profit college owners and employees before eliminating a state agency that oversaw the controversial industry.

Lawmakers Consider Bills to Change the Way Coops Operate

Bipartisan bills to allow Wisconsin’s agriculture and electric cooperatives to significantly change the way they operate are moving through the legislature.

Big Special Interests Push Property Rights Over Local Control

Once again, Republicans in the Legislature are trying to take power away from local governments.

GOP Lawmakers Pushing Bill to Help Tesla Sell Cars in Wisconsin

A bill to allow Tesla Motors to open dealerships to sell and service its electric cars in Wisconsin was proposed Wednesday by GOP lawmakers.

Assembly Approves GOP Bill to End Mining Moratorium

Backed by powerful business and rightwing ideological interests, the state Assembly approved a bill Thursday to end Wisconsin’s ban on mining gold, silver, copper and other precious metals, despite longtime concerns about water pollution.

Republican Bill Approved to Restrict Abortion Coverage for State Employees

A GOP bill to sharply restrict abortion coverage for state employees was approved Thursday by the Assembly on a party line vote and sent to the Senate.

Walker Flanked by Big Donors for Reelection Announcement

Republican Gov. Scott Walker kicked off his bid for a third four-year term as governor among some generous GOP campaign contributors.

Utilities Would Be Free to Destroy 9,999 Square Feet of Wetlands

Utilities and power cooperatives are behind bills under consideration Tuesday by the legislature that would allow them to destroy 9,999 acres of wetlands.

GOP Mega-Donors Linked to Offshore Tax Havens Backed Walker

U.S. billionaires identified in recent media accounts for concealing millions of dollars to avoid taxes have contributed nearly $400,000 to GOP legislative and statewide candidates in Wisconsin.

Walker's Order and GOP Bills on BDS Serve Big Donor

 November 14, 2017

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has prohibited the state from doing business with anyone who participates in a boycott against Israel, a move guaranteed to please a Las Vegas casino billionaire who has contributed more than $900,000 to Walker and the state GOP.

Schimel Hobnobs with Big Donors at Trump Resort

Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel spent last weekend rubbing elbows with big campaign donors at a Florida event that was sponsored by an electioneering group that funneled $300,000 into Wisconsin during the 2014 elections.

Court Candidate Hires Former Koch Group Executives as Campaign Advisors

A conservative candidate for an open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat in next spring's elections hired two former executives with the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity as campaign advisors.

WMC Behind Republican Bill to Repeal State Air Pollution Rules

Business, manufacturing, paper and oil interests are backing a GOP bill that would repeal nearly 300 state regulations on air pollutants that are regulated by federal law.

Airport Near GOP Donor's High-End Golf Resort Gets $4M in State Aid

A small Wisconsin Rapids airport may get $4 million in state aid for improvements to accommodate increased private jet traffic at a nearby high-end golf resort built by a Republican campaign contributor, as Scott Bauer of the Associated Press reported in a blockbuster story on Friday.

Walker Approves Koch Bills to Loosen Licensing

November 29, 2017

GOP bills backed by a Koch brothers group, which loosen education requirements for barbers, cosmetologists, manicurists and others, were signed into law by Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Monday.

WDC Testimony on Proposed Article V Constitutional Convention

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign testimony opposing the proposed Article V Constitutional Convention.

Walker Signs Lax Land-Use Bill Backed by Big Boys

A GOP legislative plan that would make it easier for people to sell substandard lots and generally use their land for things that it was not zoned for was signed into law by Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

GOP Sweetheart Bill for the Rent-to-Own Industry

A Republican legislative proposal would exempt rent-to-own stores from the state consumer protection laws, and help the controversial industry grow in Wisconsin, according to the bill’s authors.

Gun Lobby Pushes No Age Limit for Hunters

A bill that is slated to be voted on in the Wisconsin Assembly this week would let anyone go hunting, no matter how young. That bill, AB 455, is supported by the powerful gun lobby.

Senate to Vote on GOP Bills for Constitutional Convention

The state Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday on two measures pushing for a constitutional convention sought by business and rightwing ideological interests to add a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Polaris, ATV Association Win in State Forest Plan

The decision this week by the DNR’s policy board to open up a huge forest up north to all-terrain vehicles is a victory for Polaris, the Wisconsin ATV/UTV Association (WATVA), and all-terrain-vehicle enthusiasts.